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There’s one thing finding the right product but the real trick is to make sure
you get the best out of them. Our cleaning tips are designed to make your
minds glow, give you that gentle nudge, roll up those sleeves and bring that
sparkle back to your home with glow cleaning products.

tip 1 bathroom cleaning

Keeping your communal areas clean is guaranteed to suddenly become a priority when you have guests coming over at the last minute. At times like these you just don’t have the time to deep clean every part of your home. Don’t worry though, we have the solution packaged up in this handy guide to speed cleaning one of the most important rooms in your home… the bathroom.

mould management

The bane of many bathrooms, mould is caused by ventilation issues and can be tough to remove from grout, sealant, windows and shower curtains. A quick spray with glow mould & mildew remover 750ml will make short work of any issues and can be left to work while you do your other cleaning. Be careful to rinse the residue before tackling step 3 or you risk discolouring your towels.

out of site out of mind

Collect everything but the essentials and drop them into a carrier bag. This can be hidden in your wash basket or stashed in a cupboard until your guests have gone. This will de-clutter your bathroom and make cleaning even easy.

towel clean

If you plan on having a quick shower before your visitors arrive then you can save time by towel drying your sink, shower cubicle, mirrors, tiles, window sills, bath and fittings once you’ve done. This helps to dust and polish your bathroom and makes it sparkle. Don’t forget to clean into corners and wipe o the stem of your sink. Once finished just pop your towel in the wash. If you can spare an extra minute give the shower a spritz with glow daily shower shine 750ml. It will help your shower stay streak free and cut down on the time spent cleaning in the future.

keep it fresh

Give the toilet a good going over with bleach and brush. This will not only make your bathroom smell nice but also demonstrates your commitment to cleanliness to your guests.

the sweet smell of success

If your towels are hung on a heated towel rail spritz them with glow fabric freshener. The heat will diuse the scent throughout your bathroom and help keep down other odours.

tip 1 bathroom cleaning

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