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There’s one thing finding the right product but the real trick is to make sure
you get the best out of them. Our cleaning tips are designed to make your
minds glow, give you that gentle nudge, roll up those sleeves and bring that
sparkle back to your home with glow cleaning products.

tip 4 Oven cleaning

Whether it is a bubbling lasagne or a cheesy pizza, your oven often takes the brunt of a vast majority of our meals during the average week. However, oven cleaning can often be an undesirable task. But things are about to change, by using our easy to follow oven cleaning tips and advice you will be able to tackle it with ease.

Before we begin…

When using any chemical based product is it important to be protected, make sure you:

  1. Use rubber gloves.
  2. Ventilate the space by opening windows.
  3. Check the products you are about to use are suitable for use on your oven.
  4. Also, ensure you that you switch off electricity, oven or turn off pilot light when cleaning the oven.

tip 1: remove the shelves

Before you dive in there, if your oven has removable shelves take them out and use your sink to soak them with washing up liquid or for harder stains use cream cleaner. Use an abrasive cloth to scrub clean, rinse and then dry with a fresh cotton cloth or towel. We recommend using glow cream cleaner or glow washing up liquid.

tip 2: remove any lingering food bits

In order to ensure that your oven cleaning products work as efficiently as they should, a key step in the oven cleaning process is to discard any lingering stains. Our tip is to use a washable microfibre cloth so that it won’t disintegrate, leaving fibres behind that could burn in your oven.

tip 3: apply oven cleaner

Spray 10-15cm directly on to the surface of the door panel, sides and bottom of the oven. For such a job we recommend using glow oven cleaner.

tip 4: leave for 15 minutes

Let the cleaner do its magic. Now you have 15 minutes of free time to do whatever you desire, make a brew, read a magazine, whatever you like, the time is yours… just don’t forget you’re not finished!

tip 5: scrub first, wipe second

Scrub the entire area using a bristled brush including the bottom of the oven and the door interior. Make sure you DO NOT scrub the elements and the fan. Wipe off excess solution and dirt using a washable cloth. You may need to rinse your cloth several times to avoid simply spreading dirt around the oven.

tip 4 Oven cleaning

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