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tip 5 Kitchen sinks…keep them clean!!!

Everybody likes their home to look and feel fresh, but likewise we all enjoy our free time and don’t want to spend all day on our hands and knees scrubbing every nook and cranny around the house from top to bottom. So, we prioritise the areas perceived to be the dirtiest. It will come as no surprise that the toilet is the number one candidate for cleaning. Cleaning attention is also spent in the kitchen on chopping boards, utensils and surfaces.

However, a revelation from professor and microbiologist, Dr. Charles Gerba of the University of Arizona might just make you reconsider your cleaning priority list. “There’s more E. coli in a kitchen sink than in a toilet after you flush it. The sink is a great place for E. coli to live and grow since it’s wet and moist”. With the continuous rinsing it would be expected that the humble kitchen sink would be left germ free however, you need to regularly clean and disinfect those areas to stop the build-up of germs and bacteria. No need to fear however, there is a simple and easy cure. Follow our how to clean your kitchen sink instructions and leave your sink sparkling.

kitchen sink cleaning tips

Clean regularly. Think how often you use your kitchen sink so it only makes sense to clean it frequently as well. washing up liquid or all purpose cleaners are specially formulated to be a tough on grease and grime.

  1. Mix cleaner in a bowl with warm water.
  2. Clean thoroughly with a soft cloth or sponge.
  3. Rinse with warm water.
  4. Dry thoroughly.

think cream to clean those stubborn stains

The thicker consistency of cream cleaner is ideal for tackling stubborn deposits of grease, dirt and bacteria.

  1. Apply cream cleaner to damp cloth or straight on to the desired surface.
  2. Remove with a damp cloth or rinse surface with water.
  3. Buff with a clean, dry cloth for best results.

don’t forget to unblock your drain

If you notice that your sinks are draining slowly or that there is a lingering smell that you just can’t put your finger on then it is most likely your plughole. Food grime, bacteria and stagnant water can rapidly build up if drains are not cleaned effectively or regularly.

  1. Pour approximately 500ml of plughole unblocker down the plughole. Leave for 60mins, but ideally overnight for best results.
  2. Flush through with hot water and then repeat if necessary.
  3. For regular use to prevent build up pour approximately 250ml down plughole – leave for 60mins then flush through.

tap into cleaning your taps

All taps suffer from a build-up of limescale and though it is not harmful, limescale is an unsightly addition to any kitchen.

  1. From a distance of 15-30cm spray limescale remover onto the desired area or likewise use a detergent.
  2. Wipe with a damp cloth or sponge. For those really hard to reach areas, a trick is to use an old toothbrush.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with water within 5 minutes.

make your stainless steel shine

For those with stainless steel sinks it is especially important to regularly clean your sink as the acidity of food deposits and bacterial build-up can ruin the look of your shiny steel.

  1. Firstly, clean your sink with all purpose cleaner or washing up liquid and warm water.
  2. Make sure you dry the sink properly.
  3. Spray a stainless steel cleaner or apply cream cleaner directly onto the sink surface.
  4. Wipe with clean wet cloth ensuring you follow the grain of the steel.
  5. Polish dry immediately ensuring no residue is left on surface.
tip 5 Kitchen sinks…keep them clean!!!

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