Rubber Stamps

Quality, sustainability, safety and responsibility are all rubber stamped onto every single bottle of glow. Airedale Solutions produce all glow products under BRC and ISO9001 conditions; all products are also developed alongside strict AISE conditions. Read more about our rubber stamps here:


All glow products are produced under strict British Retail Consortium conditions. But what is the BRC?... Well it’s a leading safety and quality certification program. It guarantees the standardisation of quality; safety and operational criteria ensuring manufacturers like us fulfil their legal obligation providing protection for the end consumer.


AISE is essentially the representative body in Europe setup specifically to drive sustainability through the product lifecycle; this includes everything from raw material sourcing through to production and finally product disposal.


Here at glow we are committed to providing only the highest quality developed, manufactured and packaged products. Awarded in line with BRC Consumer Products our management of ISO9001 now ensures all glow products and services consistently meet the highest requirements whilst ensuring we constantly work towards improvements.


Our makers Airedale Solutions are members of Sedex, a membership dedicated to driving improvements in ethical and responsible business practices within global supply chains - a key requirement for many of today’s supermarkets.